Make Your Paint Pop and Protect It Against The Crazy New York Weather

When was the last time you waxed your car? Has it been a few months or even a few years?

Maybe you just purchased a new vehicle and want to make sure your paint gets off on the right foot. If so, then a wash and wax is a great option for you.

Not only will you see a big difference in the appearance, but you’ll be able to feel the smoothness and slickness of the paint once we’re done with the service.

A lot of our customers love this service as it doesn’t take much time to perform, but the results that you get really make your paint pop.

Our Wash and Wax Process:

  • 1 -

    Clean wheels, tires, and fenders with a variety of brushes to reach all areas.

  • 2 -

    Thorough hand wash of vehicle including cleaning the door jambs, gas cap, and remove bugs off front end.

  • 3 -

    Clay bar paint to remove stuck on dirt and debris (your paint will feel really smooth).

  • 4 -

    Apply a layer of wax or sealant to all painted surfaces by hand or machine for shine and protection.

  • 5 -

    Dress tires to make them shine (they’ll be dry to the touch once applied).

  • 6-

    Clean exterior glass and windows to give you crystal clear vision.

If you’d like your car to go through a car transformation, then check out our Full Interior Cleaning service. Everything in your interior will be cleaned to the best condition possible. So now the exterior and interior of your car will look amazing!

Simple Pricing

Price is based on size, condition, and type of vehicle.

  • Small


    $120 - $160

  • Small

    (Toyota Camry/Range Rover)

    $160 - $220

  • Large

    (Large SUV/truck)

    $180 - $280

Wash and Wax FAQs

Do you come to me?

Sadly no, in the future we're planning on experimenting with mobile detailing but at the moment we have a location you can drop the vehicle off to us!

What kind of wax do you use?

We have a few brands we use like Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, and ODChemicals. So it comes down to what we’re working on and what we decide is best fitting. Our go-to choice is ODChemicals Boost Deep Gloss Paint Sealant.

Is paint decontamination necessary?

To the average vehicle owner, getting your vehicles paint decontaminated will have no benefit. If you plan on getting a paint correction done or doing it yourself, paint decontamination is a must.

How long will the wax last?

It’s all depends how you store your car. If it’s garaged at work and at home 80% of the time, then it can last between six to eight months. If you have your car sitting out in the sun, cold, and rain 100% of the time, then maybe you can get three to four months out of it.

Also, if you wash your car with dish soap, then you’ll start stripping the protective layer of wax off your paint.

Does this remove scratches from my paint?

Applying a wax will hide the micro-light swirls and scratches in your paint. They’re essentially “filled in” with the wax which creates more shine. So technically it does hide the reallllly light scratches, but it does not actually remove any of them.

Nonetheless, your paint will look much glossier because the wax creates a more “flat” surface.

Have more questions?

Visit our in-depth FAQ page where we answer a lot of your questions for our different services.