No one likes surprises, but it happens. We get calls all the time to clean up small accidents like blood, urine, and fecal matter. These are considered biohazard cleanups as it’s fluid coming from an animal or human.

The sooner we can get to it, the better (and easier) it is to clean up. Depending on where the accident took place, how much fluid came out, and how long ago the accident happened will determine what we can do.

These spot cleanings are treated with a higher sense of caution since there can be infectious waste inside of the fluids.

Generally speaking, if there is an odor lingering around the interior due to the accident, then once the spot is cleaned, the odor should dissipate since we’ve removed the source of the smell.

Interior Detailing Specialists in Hornell

Based on the type of spot that it is, we’ll adjust our product and tool selection to properly remove the accident. We do not use a one-size-fits all approach with a generic all-purpose-cleaner and brush.

If it’s a urine spot, there’s a specific process and product tool section for that. If it’s fecal matter, there’s a specific process and product tool selection for that.

Here’s our thorough cleaning process:

  • 1 - Remove all loose items

    We’ll put the trash in one bag and your personal items in another bag.

  • 2 - Thorough vacuum

    The entire interior (including trunk and crevices) will be thoroughly vacuumed.

  • 3 - Shampoo and extract seats and floor mats

    Using our all-purpose-cleaner, we’ll spray, agitate, and extract the cloth material. This is where we pull all the gunk from the cloth!

  • 4 - Clean and detail interior plastic panels

    Now we’ll move onto thoroughly cleaning the dashboard, center console, door panels, headliner, and pillars.

  • 5 - Clean windows and mirrors

    How can a detail be complete without giving you crystal clarity? We’ll clean and wipe down all interior glass and mirrors.

  • 6 - Final touch up and door jambs

    A final inspection will be completed on the interior to touch up any things we may have missed or need more attention, as well as cleaning up the door jambs.

A lot of our customers are hesitant in calling because they think their interior is too much to handle. Don’t worry about that. We’re not here to judge. If you want your interior to look much better, we’ll be sure the job done.

Lastly, adding a Premium Wash to this service really turns your car around for the better. You’ll have a like-new condition on the interior and a freshly washed exterior.

Simple Pricing

Price will vary on size and severity of spot being cleaned.

  • $60-$120

    Per Spot

Spot Cleaning FAQs

Do you come to me?

Sadly no, in the future we're planning on experimenting with mobile detailing but at the moment we have a location you can drop the vehicle off to us!

Do you remove the seats and carpeting?

At this time, we do not remove seats or carpeting for spot cleaning. 98% of the time, we can reach all areas without having to remove anything. That being said, if the accident is on the carpeting, if needed, we can slightly lift the carpeting to inspect underneath (if possible).

Can you guarantee the spot cleaning will remove everything?

It really depends on the fabric, the severity of the stain, and how long it’s been there. Sometimes we can clean an area, but due to the fluids and material, a stain is left behind. Once there’s a permanent stain, no matter how much cleaning we do, it’ll be set on the fabric.

What products do you use?

We use various products and equipment based on the type of spot we’re cleaning. We don’t use a generic all-purpose-cleaner to clean all the spots. There’s dedicated products and processes for urine, fecal matter, and blood.

Can you remove every stain?

Due to the nature of stains and the material it’s on, some will come off better than others. We have extensive knowledge, experience, and use premium tools, products, and machines, but even with all that, if a stain has been there long enough, it can only be cleaned so much.

Have more questions?

Visit our in-depth FAQ page where we answer a lot of your questions for our different services.