What's it mean to decontaminate your paint?

To get your vehicles paint decontaminate is the process of removing embedded contaminants such as airborn compounds, break dust, rail dust, ferrous (iron containing) particles, paint overspray, grit etc. that have become embedded in the paint surface.

What is included?

Step 1 - Iron Fallout - Chemical removal.

This step is for industrial fallout from Ferric Iron Oxide contamination. If left unattended, these lodged iron particles will begin to corrode and cause damage to your car's paint. Ferrous particles include, metal fallout, vehicle brake dust, etc.

Step 2 - Mineral deposit - Chemical removal.

This step is to remove minerals that stick to the paintwork. This paint contamination is caused when moisture gets on the paint surface. When the sun evaporates the water it leaves behind deposited minerals that stick to the paint surface.


Step 3 - Clay bar - Mechanical removal.

This step is for removal of surface contaminantion. Multiple products are used in this process from a unique lubricant infused with surfactants, solvents designed to reduce friction, polymerized rubber decon towels, and ultra-fine clay bars.

NOTE: Please let us know if vehicle was previously ceramic coated any type of mechanical "clay bar" treatment should not be used on a ceramic coated vehicle.

Simple Pricing

This is a add on to our exterior packages.

  • $60

Paint Decontamination FAQ

Do you come to me?

Sadly no, in the future we're planning on experimenting with mobile detailing but at the moment we have a location you can drop the vehicle off to us!

Is paint decontamination necessary?

To the average vehicle owner, getting your vehicles paint decontaminated will have no benefit. If you plan on getting a paint correction done or doing it yourself, paint decontamination is a must.

Have more questions?

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